Wiccy (wiccanslyr) wrote in greatbiggeek,

The Great Geek Clean out - LOADS OF STUFF FOR SALE!

In the hopes of gathering some more D*C fundage to my bosom. Here are a lot of things, mostly costumes, costume bits, fabric and geekery related items that I am selling off. All prices are negotiable and DO NOT include shipping. If you're going to be a Dragon*Con and want to save on paying for shipping D*C pick will be available.

Prices listed are what I would like to get, but I am more than willing to haggle, especially if you're wanting more than one item. Shipping will need to be add to all prices based on where and weight.

There is Stargate, Star Wars, Pirate, Western, boots, comics, books and fabric weapon props and more!! Please have a look!

Please do not hesitate to make an offer for something your interested in. All reasonable offers WILL BE entertained!

Follow the fake cut to my Journal where you will find all the things!
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